Our Show Site

The NWCC specialty shows are held at the beautiful Winnegamie Dog Club facility in Menasha, Wisconsin. This marvelous site has ample parking, a 1.25 acre fenced yard, a smaller fenced exercise yard in front outside the grooming area, and generous building space boasting a full kitchen, 2 sets of mens and womens restrooms with mulitiple stalls each, and room for a large grooming area and big show ring. The show ring room and grooming area are fully matted.

Here are photos from some of our previous shows.


Waiting for the show to begin... 2010

Trophies 2010


Show in progress

Smooth Best of Variety class 2007


Rough Winners Bitch class 2009

WB 2009


Smooth Best of Variety class 2010

BOV 2010


Rough Winners Dog class 2010

WD 2010


Smooth Best of Variety class 2011

BOV 2011


Smooth Best of Variety class 2019

BOV 2019


The 2010 raffle was an entertainment event of its own!




Looking from front of building. This photo is from 2007, which had an entry of 70 collies.
Plenty of space still available!

Grooming 2007


Looking from opposite direction (towards front) - one side of room - 2007



Below photos were taken at various times of the year.

Winnegamie Dog Club building (photo taken from street). Front exercise yard is to the right.
Back yard is at far end of parking lot, at other end of the building .



Front exercise yard. Front door in photo opens to grooming area, kitchen, etc.

Front exercise yard


Back yard, looking towards back of building. Back yard is 1.25 acres, fully fenced.

Back yard

Back yard from building.

Back yard


Back yard

More photos of the back yard.

Back yard


Back yard


The yard looks even better with collies playing in it!