A Seminar for Breeders and Fanciers

Hosted by Northern Wisconsin Collie Club Following Its Specialty Show
Saturday, November 3, 2012, at 4:00pm

“A Breeder’s Perspective”
Presented By
Mrs. Mary H. Wells  
Blossom Hill Collies

* AKC Herding Breeds Judge * Obstetrics Nurse *
Breeder of the Top Winning Best in Show Collie in Breed History

This 2 hour mini-seminar for breeders and fanciers will deal with the
tools and strategies in establishing and breeding a line of dogs.

Key Topics

  • Establishing a Line - The Fundamentals
    A discussion of the tools and thinking used in developing a clear mental image of the ideal dog.
  • Establishing a Line - The Strategies
    An in depth discussion of linebreeding, inbreeding, and out-crossing breeding strategies and their practical application. Examples taken from the study of dominant and recessive head traits and body structure. A look at past and present pedigrees supporting these theories. Mary’s five rules for breeding better dogs.

Seminar Book Available

Available for purchase at the mini-seminar is a 100-page take-home seminar book for $20 which contains speaker notes, charts, graphs, and illustrations. In addition to The Fundamentals and The Strategies, the book also includes:

  • Perfected Timing and Methods of Breeding
    Current thinking on the options available to the breeder to maximize success. Covers Progesterone testing and its application to natural breeding, vaginal AI, transcervical insemination, and intrauterine surgical implant.
  • Whelping a Litter - Maternal Care, Norms and Complications
    The mechanics of whelping with guidelines and examples in managing this important aspect.

Since 2004, Mrs. Wells has presented this seminar in Sydney, Australia, New Jersey, Florida, Maine, and California.

Winnegamie Dog Club Training Center
7245 Manitowoc Road, Menasha, Wisconsin 54952

Saturday, November 3, 2012
Dinner will start at 4:00 pm, with the seminar starting
shortly thereafter .

Italian dinner is $10 per person.
Seminar without dinner is FREE.

For more information contact Mary Lee Winnie -

Deadline for Registration
October 24, 2012